List of: Functions
Subjects: Entity, Part Management
Contents: Scheme Support

Action: Gets an entity given an ID and a PART.

Prototype: outcome api_pm_lookup_entity (

entity_id_t id, // entity ID

PART* part, // part in which to look

// for entity

ENTITY*& ent // found entity


Includes: #include "kernel/acis.hxx"

#include "kernel/kernapi/api/api.hxx"

#include "kernel/kerndata/data/entity.hxx"

#include "part/pmhusk/entityid.hxx"

#include "part/pmhusk/part.hxx"

#include "pmhusk/api/pm_api.hxx"

Description: This API looks up an entity in a part given an entity id. If id does not exist in the part, this API returns NULL. All api_pm functions should be thought of as requiring the use of the PART_CONTEXT class.

Library: pmhusk

Filename: scm/pmhusk/api/pm_api.hxx

Effect: Read-only