ECE 479/579
Principles of Artificial Intelligence
Spring 2005
Instructor: Dr. Michael M. Marefat. (marefat <AT>
Office Hours:
Tue/Thu(12:30-1:30PM) ECE320G
Lecture: Tue/Thu (11:00AM - 12:15PM) - ECE 107
TA: Sumit Chachra (ece479 <at>
TA Office Hours: Tue(10-11AM)/Thu(2-3PM) ECE320(Carrell 11)

University of Arizona

Lectures / Handouts / Lab Session Notes

Lecture#1 [PDF]
Introduction, First order predicate logic

Lab Session Notes#1 [PDF] - 01/27/05
Discussion of Jess Assignment

Lab Session Notes#2 [PPT] - 02/15/05
Discussion of Project#1 - Unification

Lecture#2 [PDF]
Unification, Resolution, Forward/Backward chaining, Planning

Lab Session Notes#3 [PPT] - 03/24/05
Discussion of Project#2 - Planning

Reference Lecture [PDF]

Lecture#3 [PDF]
Backward Planning, Production Systems, Algorithm for Backtracking, Heuristic Search, Minimax control, a- Procedure

Handout#1 [PDF]
Example on backward state space planning

Lab Session Notes#4 [PPT] - 04/21/05
Discussion of Project#3 - Heuristic Search


    Assignment 1
JESS (Expert Systems) [PDF]  [FAQ]
                Testing your code
        Due: Tue, Feb. 1, 2005
        (Hardcopy in class. Code on shell @ 11:59PM)

    Assignment 2
        First Order Logic [PDF]

        Due: Tue, March 1, 2005
        (In Dr. Marefat's mailbox by 
5:00 PM or in-class)
Assignment 3
        Automated Deduction [PDF]

        Due: Thu, March 10, 2005
        (In Dr. Marefat's mailbox by 5:00 PM or in-class)

    Assignment 4 (Extra Credit)
        Search [PDF]
        Due: Tue, May 10, 2005
        (In Dr. Marefat's mailbox by 5:00 PM)
Class Syllabus [PDF]
Class Software
Class References
Required text: "Artificial Intelligence: a modern approach, Second edition" by Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall, 2003. ISBN:0-13-790395-2.
Class Projects

Project 1
AI Programming [PDF]   [FAQ]
Testing your code
Due: Tue, Feb. 22, 2005 (on shell @ 11:59PM)

References: javadoc
                  Recursive UNIFY

Project 2
Planning [PDF]
Due: Thu, Mar. 31, 2005 (on shell @ 11:59PM)

Project 3
Heuristic Search [PDF]
Due: Wed, Apr 27, 2005 (on shell @ 11:59PM)

References: javadoc








04/05/05 - Lecture#3 and Handout#1 have been posted.

03/29/05 - Project#2 extension till Fri, Apr. 1, 2005, 7:00PM. Midterm on Apr. 7, 2005 in-class.

- Project#2 due on Mar. 31, 2005. The class will meet for a lab. session on Mar. 24, 2005 (11-12:15) in ECE 226.

- TA office hours for Thu (03/10/05) stand cancelled. Please set up alternate time before noon Tue (03/08/05) to meet the TA if you cannot make it to the remaining office hours before spring break..

- Assignment#2, Project#2 and Project#3 have been posted online.

- Grades for Project#1 have been sent out

02/15/05 -
Grades for Assignment#1 have been sent out and some new material has been posted in the lectures/handouts section. Assignment#2 has been put online.

- Due date for Project#1 has been posted and turnin has been setup.

02/10/05 - Some helpful links for Project#1 have been put up in the class software and reference sections.

02/3/05 - Project #1 and all its relevant material is ready for download.

01/20/05 - Professor and TA office hours have been posted. No lecture on Thursday (01/27/04). Instead lab. will be conducted in ECE226. Assignment 1, due date has been posted.

01/12/05 - Send an email to ece479 <at> to get added to the class mailing list if not already subscribed to it.

01/12/05 - Semester begins!