ISL Computing Software - SunOS

This page contains a listing of software available only on the SunOS machines. You must be using a SunOS machine to access this software and associated documentation using the given paths.

Name Version Description Docs Path
bison 1.19 GNU Bison /usr/local/ua/info/ /usr/local/ua/bin
emacs 19.30.1 Text editor / programming environment manpage + /usr/local/ua/emacs/info /usr/local/ua/bin
gcc/g++ 2.7.2 C/C++ compiler manpage + /usr/local/ua/info /usr/local/ua/bin
gdb 4.7 Gnu Debugger (c/c++) manpage + /usr/local/ua/info /usr/local/ua/bin
ghostscript (gs) 2.4.1 Postscript interpreter manpage /usr/local/ua/bin
gnuplot 3.2 Gnu plotting utility manpage /usr/local/ua/bin
gvim 5.3 Gvim/vim Vi IMproved - vi editor clone manpage /usr/local/ua/bin
gzip 1.0.7 Compression utilities (gzip,zcat,gunzip) manpage /usr/local/ua/bin
idraw 0.2 Drawing tool manpage /usr/bin/iv/idraw
TeX/LaTeX 2.0.9 Document publishing package - LaTeX/dvips and friends manpage /usr/local/ua/bin
Kermit 4E(072) Serial communications package manpage /usr/local/ua/bin
lisp 4.0.1 Sun Common Lisp manuals in lab /usr/lang/lisp (use lisp-4.0.1-base)
mtools 1.6.2 Dos floppy tools (mcopy, etc..) manpage /usr/local/ua/bin
Pro/ENGINEER 11 CAD/Solid Modeller manuals in lab /bin/pro
sz/rz 1.36 Xmodem/Ymodem/Zmodem transfer utilities manpage /usr/local/ua/bin
Transcript 1.0 Postscript printing/converting utilities (enscript, pscat, etc..) manpage /usr/local/ua/lib/transcript
    See the Unix software listing for software that is common to both SunOS and Solaris    

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Last update: 5/5/99