ISL Lab People



    Dr. Michael M. Marefat


   Mark Ascher
    Alex Mitev
  Sumit Chachra
  Theodore Elhourani
  Alfredo Carrillo
  Fan Yang


Student Thesis Title Year Graduated Employment
Qiang Ji "Bayesian Methods for Machine Understanding of CAD Models" 1993 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Liwei Wu "Gaze Stabilization and Vergence Control for Active Machine Vision" 1994 Bay Networks Inc
Jeff Yost "From Graphic Algorithms to Intelligent Visualization Agents: Architecture, Methodology, and Application to Eco-System Simulation" 1995 Tektronix
Vincent Wong "Knowledge Sharing in Cooperative Planning and Problem Solving" 1996 General Electric
Erik Johnson "Systematic Spatial Inferencing Using a Qualitative Model for Manufactured Components" 1999 Tektronix
Kevin Crosby "Visual Inspection Planning with Error Reduction" 1997 NASA
John Olson "Combined Discrete/Continuous Simulation of Process Plans and Applications in Discrete Part Manufacturing" 1997 IBM
Chris C. Yang "CAD-Based Active Visual Inspection, Accuracy Analysis, and Tolerance Design" 1997 University of Hongkong
Barry Goeree "Synthesizing Discrete Event Controllers for Robotic Assembly by Automatic Construction of Qualitative Contact Models" 2000 Oce Technologies
John Britanik "Enabling Mechanisms for AI Planning Knowledge Sharing, Merging, and Reuse" 2001 Sandia National Labs
Ramanujam Raman "Integrated Process Planning with Qualitative Shape Descriptions and Tool/Process Capability Models" 2001 Parametric Technologies
Sujata Ramchandran "Knowledge Translation and Knowledge Acquisition in Hetergeneous Collaborative Problem Solving" 2002 AOL
Robert Curry "Image Synthesis for Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Similarity" 2003 Raytheon
Mark Ascher "Retrieval of Similarly Shaped Components from a CAD Database", M.S. Thesis Fall - 2004 Raytheon
Alexis Rivera-Rios "Automated Visual Inspection Planning Framework with Error Reduction for a Stereo Setup", M.S. Thesis Spring - 2004 Raytheon
Fai-Lung Shih "Designing and Implementing Automated Visual Inspection Planning with Stereo Cameras Incorporating Error Analysis", M.S. Thesis Spring - 2004 Hong Kong
Chandan Pita "Intelligent Reuse of CAD models and Manufacturing Plans", M.S. Thesis Spring - 2005 Intel
Sumit Chachra "Learning and Optimization in the Local Minority Game and Sensor Network Scheduling", M.S. Thesis Spring - 2006 Yahoo!
Theodore Elhourani "Image Synthesis for Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Similarity" Spring - 2007 PhD Program UA