Project Description :

We will be developing a robot capable of playing soccer. The robot uses a microprocessor board to interface with its motors and communication devices. The robot uses RF card for wireless communication with a desktop computer. The robot uses vision. Vision is achieved through digitization and processing of video signals obtained from a camera by the desktop computer.

In process of developing the robot students will work on several aspects including microprocessor interfacing, computer communication, digital control, computer vision, artificial intelligence, etc.

For pictures and movie clips of previously developed robots please visit the robot soccer website at

We intend to have two teams, each develop one such soccer playing robot. At the end of the year we will hold a robot soccer competition to determine which robot wins in competition.



2 teams, each with about 4 students. Computer engineering students, and EE students .


Disciplines necessary:

Computer Engineering, or EE.


Skills necessary:

If you are an EE, good knowledge in the area of control and systems, particularly ECE441,

If you are a CE, good knowledge and skill in computer software and microprocessors, including:

Knowledge of microprocessors, i.e. ECE372,

Knowledge of Object Oriented programming, i.e. ECE373 or CSC335

additional resources available to student:

ISL has been the sponsor of robot soccer senior projects. We successfully built and demonstrated soccer playing robots last year. We intend to achieve similar success here. We have ordered a reference books, which are now readily available, and we have setup a play field, computers, and camera in the senior project lab.

Key Contact:

Dr. Larry Schooley, or Dr. Michael Marefat, ECE,