List of: Functions
Subjects: SAT Save and Restore
Contents: Kernel

Action: Reads a header.

Prototype: logical read_header (

int& i1, // release level

int& i2, // number of data records

int& i3, // number of entities

int& i4 // history


Includes: #include "kernel/acis.hxx"

#include "kernel/kernutil/fileio/fileio.hxx"

#include "baseutil/logical.h"

Description: Reads a header. The first record of the ACIS save file is a header, such as: 200 0 1 0

First Integer: An encoded version number. In the example, this is "200". This value is 100 times the major version plus the minor version (e.g., 107 for ACIS version 1.7). For point releases, the final value is truncated. Part save data for the .sat files is not affected by a point release (e.g., 105 for ACIS version 1.5.2).

Second Integer: The total number of saved data records, or zero. If zero, then there needs to be an end mark.

Third Integer: A count of the number of entities in the original entity list saved to the part file.

Fourth Integer: The least significant bit of this number is used to indicate whether or not history has been saved in this save file.

ActiveFile is a FileInterface object and does most of the actual work.

return ActiveFile ? ActiveFile->read_header(i1, i2, i3, i4) : FALSE;
Call the appropriate SatFile or SabFile method

Library: kernel

Filename: kern/kernel/kernutil/fileio/fileio.hxx

Effect: Read-only