List of: Functions
Subjects: SAT Save and Restore
Contents: Kernel

Action: Reads an explicit record sequence number.

Prototype: int read_sequence ();

Includes: #include "kernel/acis.hxx"

#include "kernel/kernutil/fileio/fileio.hxx"

Description: This routine is used as part of restore from a SAT or SAB file. Reads an explicit record sequence number, returning it, or negative if none. Sequence numbers in text mode consist of a minus sign with no preceding white space, followed by a positive or zero integer. They do not appear in binary files. ActiveFile is a FileInterface object and does most of the actual work.

return ActiveFile ? ActiveFile->read_sequence() : -1;
Call the appropriate SatFile or SabFile method

Library: kernel

Filename: kern/kernel/kernutil/fileio/fileio.hxx

Effect: Read-only