List of: Functions
Subjects: SAT Save and Restore
Contents: Kernel

Action: Internal to ACIS and not intended for direct usage.

Prototype: curve* restore_curve ();

Includes: #include "kernel/acis.hxx"

#include "kernel/kerngeom/curve/curdef.hxx"

Description: Although this internal function is intended strictly forACIS usage, a minimal amount of information about this function is provided for the sole purpose of being able to understand and trace restoration from a SAT file. This function should never be called directly, because it makes assumptions about the availability of a SAT file, the location of the input pointer into the SAT file, and the validity of SAT data it expects to read in. It also may start a lengthy process of nested function or class method calls, which have many of the same assumptions.

Restores the curve. The restore function does the actual work. It calls the base class, then reads the selector, if the save file is new enough. This reads the curve type and then switches in the run-time table to the correct restore routine.

if (restore_version_number < CURVE_VERSION)

read_int integer for the type of curve.

dispatch_restore_cu Supply the number for the type of curve


read_id Reads in the string associated with the curve identification.

dispatch_restore_cu Supply the curve identification for the type of curve

Library: kernel

Filename: kern/kernel/kerngeom/curve/curdef.hxx

Effect: Read-only