List of: Functions
Subjects: Graph Theory
Contents: Selective Booleans

Action: Creates a graph (from cells) used in graph theory.

Prototype: outcome api_create_graph_from_cells (

ENTITY_LIST& cells, // cells to use

generic_graph*& graph, // graph

AcisOptions* ao = NULL // acis options


Includes: #include "kernel/acis.hxx"

#include "sbool/kernapi/api/sboolapi.hxx"

#include "kernel/kernapi/api/api.hxx"

#include "kernel/kerndata/lists/lists.hxx"

#include "kernel/kernutil/law/generic_graph.hxx"

#include "kernel/kernapi/api/acis_options.hxx"

Description: This API creates a graph that can be used for graph theory operations and selective Booleans.

When creating a graph from cells, the list must contain cells from Cellular Topology. The ACIS topology is analyzed to determine which cells are connected. The connections between cells become edges (or dashes) of the graph.

Library: sbool

Filename: sbool/sbool/kernapi/api/sboolapi.hxx

Effect: Changes model