List of: Scheme Data Types
Subjects: Cellular Topology
Contents: Scheme Support

Description: A cell attaches cellular topology data to each lump within each body. cell objects are saved and restored as part of the model.

Derivation: cell : entity : scheme-object

C++ Type: CELL

External Rep: #[entity %d %d]

where the first integer is the entity ID,

and the second integer is the part ID.

Example: ; cell? (data type)

; Create a solid block, attach cellular topology to

; the lumps and determine if the lump is a cell.

(define my_block (solid:block (position -20 -20 -20)

(position 20 20 20)))

;; my_block

(define my_cell (cell:attach my_block))

;; my_cell

(cell? (car my_cell))

;; #t