List of: Scheme Extensions
Subjects: Model Geometry
Contents: Kernel

Action: Determines if a Scheme object is a conical face.

Filename: kern/kern_scm/qfac_scm.cxx

Syntax: (face:conical? object)

Arg Types: object scheme-object

Returns: boolean

Description: This extension returns #t if the object is a conical face; otherwise, it returns #f.

object specifies the scheme-object that has to be queried for a conical face.

Example: ; face:conical?

; Create a solid cylinder.

(define cyl1

(solid:cylinder (position 5 0 0)

(position 25 25 0) 30))

;; cyl1

; Get the faces of the cylinder.

(define face-list (entity:faces cyl1))

;; face-list

; Determine if the first face is a conical face.

(face:conical? (car face-list))

;; #t

(face:conical? (car (cdr face-list)))

;; #f