Intelligence Sciences, Systems and Studies

Research Projects

The lab is involved in various projects focusing mainly on agent-based AI systems, intelligent control and machine vision. Listed below is listing of the projects.


Automated Visual Inspection Planning

This research proposes a fully automated and flexible visual inspection planning framework that allows for the efficient determination of camera poses in order to inspect an object effectively. It is achieved by finding optimal poses that satisfy the sensor constraints and that optimize a specified objective function. The framework is flexible enough to plan using a variety of optimization criteria.

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Collaborative Robotics

The goal of this research is to develop a multi-robot architecture that dramatically reduces the time to deployment and increases the utility value to the mainstream non-technical user.

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Intelligent Reuse of CAD Models and Manufacturing Plans

In this research a fully automated and reconfigurable hybrid process planner that intelligently reuses and adapts old process plans to fit to new parts has been proposed and implemented. Plan reuse is made possible by first extracting features and blocks and using the information of features and interactions to find similar parts. Similarity of a part is determined by evaluating the distance between the feature interaction graphs of old and new part. Each of the old block that is most similar to the new block is reused and modified to fit to the new part. If an old process plan is unavailable than a new part is generated from scratch using generative process planning approach.

For more information go to the project webpage.